About the team

Developers: Warren Togami (warren), Charlie Lee (coblee), Adrian Gallagher (thrasher), pooler, shaolinfry, Xinxi Wang (xinxi), Xinrong Guo (ultragtx), Fan Yang (fancycedar), and Peng Sun (voidmain)

Websites - https://litecoin.org/, https://litecoincore.org/

Twitter - @litecoincore

Litecoin Core is the Litecoin reference client. Featuring ‘full node’ capabilities to fully download and validate the Litecoin blockchain as well as wallet functionality to manage transactions. Litecoin Core is the most feature rich client out there and contains all the protocol rules required for the Litecoin network to function. This client is used by mining pools, merchants and services all over the world for its rock solid stability, featureset and security.

Contact the team

Litecoin developers are available on Freenode IRC, channel #litecoin-dev. Use your favorite IRC client or use the web-client here.

Litecoin Core Roadmap 2016

Litecoin Core v0.13.x will be a major release featuring many protocol level improvements, code optimizations, the ability to roll out several soft forks at once and the greatly anticipated segregated witness innovation. Some of the most notable features include:

This update will also see the Inclusion of several BIPs to prepare Litecoin for upcoming innovations to do with the Lightning Network and create/use more complex smart contracts, these include:

The Litecoin Core developers aim to have this version released by September/October.

Litecoin shares the same P2SH address format as Bitcoin (addresses beginning with a 3). This has caused some confusion for Litecoin users. We will look into introducing a unique P2SH address prefix.

In the longer term, we will do extensive research and development into flexcap blocksize limit.