How to Brighten Up Your Household With Home Decor

Brighten up your home for improved mood in winter when shorter and darker days make things seem dismal and depressing.

Paint Your Walls

Dark walls reflect light instead of allowing it to permeate into your space and brighten it, so use darker hues on furniture, flooring and ceilings while using light paint on walls for maximum brightness potential.

Before beginning painting your walls, clear out the space and lay a drop sheet to protect your carpet and furniture from paint drips. Use sugar soap to scrub down your walls to eliminate dirt and dust build-up before painting begins. Additionally, using masking tape on trim pieces to avoid paint bleed-through is another effective way of protecting them during your project.

Select a paint color that complements the atmosphere you wish to create in your room. Soft neutrals and lighter tones work best if you’re going for a calming atmosphere, while brighter warmer hues such as reds and purples add pops of color that’ll liven up any space. Once you choose your hue, test it in different lights in your home to ensure a proper application before adding an additional coat if necessary to achieve an even finish and ensure smooth, professional-grade results.

Open Up the Windows

Many of us consider how bright a room can feel; what many don’t realize is that windows play a vital role in setting its brightness level. When their size, type, and placement are improperly calculated, rooms may feel either excessively bright or depressingly dim. Luckily, there are ways to enhance your windows’ light-catching capabilities in your own home and maximize their light-catching capacities.

Start by giving your windows a thorough cleaning. Dirty windows not only don’t look nice, they also block sunlight from entering a room. Grab some window cleaner and give it a go – it will amaze you how effective this simple step can be.

Consider removing any awnings, trimming back bushes, or trimming trees that might be blocking sunlight from reaching your windows. Also use minimal window treatments so they do not block natural light; when selecting curtains and shades choose white or neutral hues which reflect it rather than blocking it out.

If you want to add another level of interest, installing transom or interior windows from JMT could make an excellent addition. They’re great additions for living rooms, dining rooms, hallway entrances and more; my mother recently had one installed in her living room which has really brightened it up!

Add an eye-catching splash of color with vivid yellows, teals, or oranges that will immediately catch the eye – just be sure to select an accent shade that complements the rest of your decor and flooring! Hang a mirror for both reflection and additional illumination – or opt for a mirrored coffee table for even greater space and light!

Switch out Your Lamps

Lighting can be an essential aspect of home decoration that can either brighten up or dim down any room in your house. Swapping out light fixtures in your living area or bedroom can bring new dimensions to these spaces while creating a more cheerful ambiance.

Brighten any room instantly by replacing its lamp shade and bulb with something brighter, giving the space a newer and livelier aesthetic while still remaining within your style and taste.

As is obvious, before beginning work on any lamp it is crucial that it is unplugged first. Always exercise extreme caution when handling electricity; don’t touch either lightbulb or cord while they are connected! Once unplugged, remove shade and light bulb before using needle nose pliers (needle nose is best, regular will also do) to unscrew socket switch collar and install new switch compatible with its wattage/voltage restrictions on old socket.

After installing your new socket switch, carefully reassemble the lamp by replacing its shade and bulb. If it still doesn’t work, check that all wires are properly connected by gently wiggling them in their socket; some lamps have separate wires attached by small screws which must first be unfastened before you can wiggle them around freely.

Another simple and cost-free way to instantly brighten up your home is with flowers, plants and other natural elements in your decor. Doing this will add beautiful, vibrant light into the room with no effort required!

Decorate with Bright Accessories

Home decor goes beyond simply choosing key furniture pieces; it’s about all of those little touches that create an atmosphere of coziness in your space and tell a story about you and your family. That’s why taking some time to select accessories that create a complete look while telling their tale is key for creating a welcoming home environment.

Change up the accessories in your home to give it a refreshing new look for spring by updating its accessories. Try replacing artwork on gallery walls or coffee tables with bright floral prints that scream “spring,” or add color by switching out go-to items for some new blooming florals and figurines on mantels and shelves. When it comes to decorating accessories, use the “1-2-3 rule: Keep larger pieces minimal while filling gaps with medium-sized accessories; finish it off by using small accent pieces for hints of color without overcrowding spaces!

Simple tips like these will transform your home and make it brighter than ever before! Don’t delay; start revamping now!

Rebecca Alderson
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