How to Take Great Care of Expensive Shoes – Maintenance Tips 101

Taking good care of your expensive shoes isn’t as complicated as you might think. But there are some things you should keep in mind. You will need the correct supplies to clean your shoes. Here are a few tips. Do not forget to clean your shoes regularly. You can use a cleaning solution made especially for expensive shoes. Then, apply a coat of wax to prevent the leather from discoloring.

Precautions to Consider

When you are purchasing the most expensive shoes money can buy, there are certain precautions you should consider. These shoes are usually not cheap for a reason. They are often made of high-quality leather and should be stitched together. The sole should be thick and the stitching should be intricate. You should also know how to care for them and keep them in good condition. The first precaution you should take before buying expensive shoes is to remember that you may not always wear them for the occasions they were meant for.

If your expensive shoes get dirty, keep them out of direct sunlight. They might develop an unpleasant smell over time, and this can lead to a return. If you’ve been wearing a pair of shoes for a few weeks, you can apply a layer of baking soda to remove the smell. If you can’t remove the stain, try wiping it off with rubbing alcohol. Another way to keep your shoes fresh is to wear them in the morning before heading out on a rainy day.

Before Storing Expensive Shoes

Whether you’re storing your shoes in a closet or in the attic, there are a few precautions you should consider. For starters, don’t store them directly on the floor. This can damage your shoes. Instead, choose a storage option that gives them ample space on a rack or clear box. Avoid wire shelves, as they don’t provide proper sole support.

If you frequently wear your shoes, place them on a shelf in the closet. Otherwise, consider putting them in a self-storage unit. Remember that cardboard shoe boxes are easy prey for rodents. You can identify them by chew marks and droppings on the shoe box. Instead of cardboard boxes, you should use plastic storage containers with lids. This way, rodents can’t gain access to your shoes and won’t be able to destroy them.

Proper shoe storage starts with proper cleaning. You should clean your shoes thoroughly to remove any visible dirt or debris. Allow your shoes to dry completely before storing them. Always clean your shoes first. You can use a damp cloth to clean them. When you’re done, allow them to dry completely. If you don’t have a cleaning cloth, wipe them clean with a soft cloth. It’s also important to clean the inside of your shoes.

Before Cleaning Expensive Shoes

First of all, you should never put your expensive shoes in direct sunlight. This is one of the most common causes of odor. Keeping them in a shaded closet is not a good idea either, as the light can damage leather and other materials. If you do decide to wear them out, make sure to remove the baking soda from them before you put them on. You can also sprinkle some baking soda inside your shoes to prevent them from smelling bad. When you are finished wearing your shoes, wipe them clean with a dry cloth. This will absorb the moisture and also add a little fragrance to them.

Before cleaning your expensive shoes, you must remove any dirt and debris that may have fallen onto them. This can cause a lot of problems, including bacterial growth. This can damage the material in the shoes. To avoid this, you can also use desiccants or newspapers in order to keep your shoes dry. If you cannot find any of these solutions, you can still place newspaper between your shoes to prevent moisture from getting inside.

Another way to clean your shoes is to apply beeswax or lip balm to them. Beeswax is an excellent product for cleaning leather and preventing it from cracking. Lip balm and hair gel can also be used to clean the shoes. For rubber and white leather, toothpaste works wonders. Do not store your shoes in plastic boxes. These could cause the leather to rot.

Whether you are cleaning a leather or suede shoe, you must make sure the surface is dry before using any products. If you are cleaning a suede shoe, you should not use a liquid polish as it can cause damage to the leather and create a lacquer that is difficult to remove. Moreover, never wear your shoes on rainy days because this will make them even worse! Taking proper care of your expensive shoes will ensure that your shoes last for many years.


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